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Full check of a car from the USA based on Carfax

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CARFAX – detailed vehicle report from the USA

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Accident Information

If the car has been involved in an accident, the report will include all the details of the accident. The details of the incident will include information about the damage caused, the location of the collision, and the deployment of the airbag. Any structural damage to the vehicle, as well as any repairs carried out, are documented.

Auto service history

The Carfax report contains information about the number of previous owners of the car. The date of the change of owner, the period of operation of the machine and the mileage are indicated. From this section, you can find out in which states or provinces the vehicle has traveled, as well as much other information.

Purpose of use

Cars can be used as personal or commercial vehicles, taxis, police cars, as well as for rent. Information about previous use helps to determine the condition and wear of the components, interior and appearance of the vehicle.

History of car ownership

The Carfax report contains service data for the machine. This applies to the timely passage of technical inspection, oil change, transmission, discs or any other components. The number of tire changes is also indicated.

What is a Carfax check and what is it for?

A Carfax report is a complete history of a particular car, painted on paper. It contains all the information that the buyer should know before making a deal. Information can be found on absolutely any car in America.

Each report contains data on accidents, confiscations, and the existence of a lien or disposal right. From there, you can learn about the previous owner of the car, the history of the vehicle, and much more.

The history of the car is extremely important when buying it. From the report, it becomes clear whether the car is stolen, what condition it is in, etc. These facts are important before signing a transfer of ownership agreement in order to protect yourself from legal and technical problems.