Access to US Auctions

We provide access to America’s largest car auctions. You can simply place an order for the vehicle you are interested in, or independently participate in any auction you are interested in. For regular customers, we can open our own registration on any of them. We provide a service for the purchase of any vehicle throughout America.

Delivery of any equipment from the USA

We provide a professional service for the transportation of the following types of special equipment and machinery from the USA:

  • Agricultural machinery from the USA;
  • Construction machinery from the USA;
  • Road machinery from the USA;
  • Other construction equipment from the USA;


Delivery of cars for spare parts. Donor car.

Donor car – a car sawn in half car for further resale for spare parts.

The car is cut into two parts, front and rear. The front part of the body assembly – with the dashboard, front seats, doors, fenders, hood, bumper, engine with gearbox and front suspension, is loaded into a container or onto an auto transporter. The rear bodywork is cut off between the front and rear doors, behind the pillar, and stripped down to fit to the front of the car. The rear metal part of the body remains.

All car kits are bought at auctions in damaged condition. This significantly reduces its cost and gives you the opportunity to get quality spare parts for your customers.


Delivery of auto parts from the USA

For our customers, we provide assistance in finding and purchasing spare parts necessary for the restoration of the car. All necessary spare parts are loaded together with the car in one container, thanks to which our customers save time and money on spare parts.

Delivery of various goods from the USA

Our company will help you deliver cargo from the USA by air or water. Air delivery from America is carried out as soon as possible. We forward air cargo of any size and any weight. Will help you in solving problems with the shipment of oversized cargo from the USA