Delivery of snowmobiles from the USA

Delivery of snowmobiles from the USA at low prices is one of the activities of our company. How is our work different from the work of other companies? Firstly, it is prompt delivery, and secondly, it is an objective price and inexpensive transportation of snowmobiles from the USA to the destination, as well as a guarantee of receiving a snowmobile in the customer’s city. If you are satisfied with the above conditions of our work, then our company Tir Auto Transport is ideal for you.

Snowmobiles are practically “winter motorcycles” and such equipment is cheap if you order a snowmobile with delivery from the USA.

Доставка снегоходов из США в Молдову ПМР Украину Россию

Snowmobiles are divided into five groups according to configuration and use. Below we list the names and differences of snowmobiles.

Sport snowmobiles from the USA.

They have a powerful engine and a suspension with reduced weight for the development of the highest possible speed. These include the popular Ski-Doo.

Mountain snowmobiles from America.

They have a slightly modified suspension structure, a powerful engine operating at low speeds (due to this, traction increases). They have increased permeability. Arctic Cat is the most memorable representative of this class.

Professional snowmobiles.

More professional snowmobiles that are used to transport cargo. Reinforced suspension, powerful slow-revving engine and reinforced mounting are must-have accessories. CAT is one of the representatives of this class of snowmobiles.

Children’s snowmobiles.

Designed for children ages 9 and up. This is a great option for a first snowmobile ride. Low engine power, low suspension and easy handling.

Tourist snowmobiles.

Touring snowmobiles are best suited for trails and shallow snow.

Everyone has long known that the most reliable snowmobiles are made in the USA. Now you have the opportunity to order any model, in any condition: new, used, used and beaten (emergency). At the same time, the cost will be as profitable as possible, and the technical condition will be almost perfect. For many years we have been purchasing snowmobiles at auctions in the USA, after which we provide transportation of the purchased equipment directly to customers in Ukraine, Moldova, the PMR and Russia. With our company, you will not miss your chance to make your dream of owning a snowmobile a reality!