Our advantages

Our company is accredited in the USA and WE WORK WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES, thanks to which your savings on delivery will be about $200-300 compared to other carriers.

From the first minutes of the purchase at the auction, we are the owners of the purchased car

We cooperate with auto transportation companies in the United States, which guarantees the minimum cost of delivery to the place of loading.

Assistance to customers in choosing a car, professional advice;

Assistance in finding and purchasing the necessary spare parts for your car

Informational client support at each stage of the transaction;

Legal registration, openness of the transaction, provision of documents on the purchase price, full transparency of the transaction.

Access to a large number of US auctions, which makes it possible to select an unlimited car and search quickly;

Discounts for regular and wholesale buyers; shipment from New Jersey and California, high-quality loading of a car into a container;

The shortest terms of delivery of the car.

Our offers