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Cars from US auctions with a profit of up to 50% of the market value

From selection in the USA, delivery, customs clearance and turnkey repair

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CARFAX brings together all the data and incidents from the life of your car from the USA
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CARFAX – detailed report on a car from the USA

Get a detailed report of the history of the car by VIN-code in 2 minutes, for only 50 rubles.
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What is the advantage of buying a car from the USA?

The main advantage is the price. The cost of an American car, taking into account all expenses, will be 25-40% lower than the cost of a similar used car in the PMR, Moldova and Ukraine, in worse condition and with high mileage.

We provide a full package of services - from choosing a car at an auction in the USA to delivery and clearance in Moldova, PMR, Ukraine.

1✅ Shipping cost$150-500
2✅ Savings on purchase25-40%
3✅ Cost of services 200-300$
4✅ Car delivery time6-9 weeks

Advantages of cars from the USA

Transparent history

All events that occur with cars in the US are recorded for each VIN. Before buying, we check the entire history of the car, so as not to fall for poor-quality repairs or hidden damage.

Quality service

Cars in the USA are filled with better fuel and serviced at official service stations, which is the key to the best condition of the engine and suspension of the car.

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Our experience is trustworthy

More than 10,000 successfully purchased and delivered vehicles in the hands of satisfied customers. Many of our customers turn to us again to purchase one or even several more cars. More than half of all our clients came to us on the basis of a recommendation.

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