Buying a car at IAAI, Copart, Manheim, Adesa auctions

Our ordering scheme is very simple

  1. Vehicle search
  2. Buying a car
  3. Vehicle delivery to US warehouse
  4. Loading a car into a container
  5. Container delivery by sea
  6. Container unloading and auto customs clearance
  7. Obtaining all the necessary documents for registering the vehicle with the traffic police


How to calculate the value of a car purchased at auction.

Price consists of 4 components:

Car price + auction fee for the purchase + delivery cost to our warehouse in the USA + delivery of the vehicle to the place of receipt specified in the contract.

The price of the car is set by you.

The auction fee is determined by the auction and depends on the value of the car.

The approximate cost of delivery to a warehouse in the USA can be found in the table.

The cost of delivery to the place of receipt depends on the country of the recipient and the size of the machine.


After buying a car or other equipment at an auction, you will receive an invoice for payment, which includes: the purchase price of the vehicle at the auction and the auction fee. Payment must be made on the next working day after the purchase of the car. This will allow us to pay for the car within 3 days and avoid penalty payments. At many auctions, penalty payments are charged as early as 3 days after purchase, at $50 per day. Please be prepared to pay in full.