Loading a car into a container

Our ordering scheme is very simple

  1. Vehicle search
  2. Buying a car
  3. Vehicle delivery to US warehouse
  4. Loading a car into a container
  5. Container delivery by sea
  6. Container unloading and auto customs clearance
  7. Obtaining all the necessary documents for registering the vehicle with the traffic police


It should be noted that loading a car into a container is an important and crucial stage. How does it happen? There is a ramp at the exporter’s site, to which a container truck with an empty container drives up. Loading it requires several trained workers, wooden planks and beams, nails, winches and a forklift (Fork Lift).


Transportation regulations require vehicles to be drained of all fluids and battery terminals disconnected. To ensure the safety of the car, the following actions are often performed:

  • the wheels are removed (in this case, the mounting bolts will lie in the pocket of the driver’s door, and the wheels themselves will be in the trunk of the car);
  • floor mats are glued to the edge of the hood/roof;
  • some of its elements are removed (antennas, spoilers, etc., which are placed in the cabin or trunk);

Cars that move independently drive into the container under their own power. But emergency and those with removed wheels are loaded into a container using a loader. For these purposes, a special loader with elongated forks is used. There is no other way to load such cars into a container yet.

High quality wooden boards and beams are used to fasten the cars in the container. Its design solutions allow you to securely fix wooden elements. The upper machine is additionally fixed with chains for special ears in the ceiling of the container. Also, the chains are attached to the hub of the car, which lies on wooden beams (front and rear], and is additionally insured with 4 chains, each of which is able to withstand a weight of one ton. The lower car is fixed with wooden blocks, which are nailed to the floor. Blocks exclude moving the car through the container in all directions.The technique has been worked out for years and does not fail.

Tall and large cars on two floors cannot be loaded. Therefore, one car drives into the container, and a flyover is mounted above it, on which another car is placed.

After loading the car into a container, it is transported to the port terminal, then it is placed in a container container ship and will sail to the port of destination.