Shipping by sea

Our ordering scheme is very simple

  1. Vehicle search
  2. Buying a car
  3. Vehicle delivery to US warehouse
  4. Loading a car into a container
  5. Container delivery by sea
  6. Container unloading and auto customs clearance
  7. Obtaining all the necessary documents for registering the vehicle with the traffic police


Immediately after sending the container, you will be given the container number, as well as the name of the ship on which it sails. On our site there are links to resources where you can trace the entire path of your container by sea.

Transportation of the container by sea is carried out by special vessels – container ships.

A container ship (sea vessel) is a specialized cargo vessel for the carriage of cargo in homogeneous enlarged cargo units – containers (TEU). In maritime container transportation, standard ISO containers are mainly used. As a rule, the crew of a container ship consists of 10-26 people, since such ships are extremely automated.

By design, the holds of a container ship have vertical guides (cell guides) for the installation and fastening of containers. Containers must be secured with twistlocks, which are installed at the bottom corners of each tier to prevent horizontal and vertical movement of the containers. In addition to this, vertical and diagonal fasteners (short, long lashing bars/rods) can be used. Containers may also “overhang” hatch covers or other ship structures, provided that they do not protrude beyond the bounds of the ship’s sides. The condition of sufficient visibility from the navigation bridge determines the maximum number of tiers of containers that can be installed on the deck.